Memphis Depay Pays Homage to Ghana’s Ashanti King With Celebration Against Granada

Memphis Depay Pays Homage to Ghana's Ashanti King

Memphis Depay Pays Homage to Ghana’s Ashanti King

Memphis Depay of Atletico Madrid has disclosed that his dance celebration during the La Liga match against Granada was in honor of Otumuo Osei Tutu II, the King of the Ashantis in Ghana.

At the Civitas Metropolitan Stadium on Monday night, the Rojiblancos overcame Granada 3-1 thanks to a magnificent long-range goal from the Dutch forward.

Depay was observed doing a brand-new dance celebration in which he threw his hands from right to left before striking his chest with majesty.

The Ashantis of Ghana perform the dance known as Kete, which is a well-known aspect of Ghanaian culture. It is typically presented during major Ashanti King ceremonies.

And according to Depay, he dedicated his goal to the Otumfuo in honour of what he represents to Ghana, where his father hails from.

“The dance is from the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana and it’s paying respect to our king,” Depay told La Liga TV.

“He has a dance as well where ‘he takes, as I give’ and he takes and the kingdom is his. I have the privilege to know the king and that was a celebration for him and obviously celebrating with the team and the fans is a great feeling.”

Depay is expected to lead the line when Atletico Madrid travel to Real Betis in their second game of the season, as reported by


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