Messi is warned by Philadelphia Union coach: Once the whistle blows…

Messi is warned by Philadelphia Union

Inter Miami will visit Philadelphia Union on Tuesday

It’s safe to assume that Jim Curtin and the Philadelphia Union are eagerly anticipating their Leagues Cup semifinal matchup with Inter Miami.

The head coach didn’t want to miss the chance to evaluate what the game meant for his team as they get ready to face Lionel Messi.

“We look forward to hosting the greatest player in the history of the sport in our building,” Curtin said.

“I think it will definitely be the loudest Subaru Park will ever be.

“It’s a great match-up. We’re talking about the best player of all time coming here in the semi-final, with a trophy on the line, a spot in the Champions League on the line.

“So, it’s a big game. I know our fans are going to show up.”

The Philadelphia Union are ready to face Messi

The match will take place on Tuesday, August 15, and Curtin expects a packed stadium to see Messi.

“It will be an honor to play against him, but once the whistle blows… I know our guys will give their best, said Curtin. “It doesn’t matter who comes. If Messi comes. If Sergio Busquets comes. If Jordi Alba comes.

“We just have to play with our style and believe in ourselves. We have to know how to play with a full, noisy pitch, with the fans supporting us from early on.

“We won’t be scared. We will be brave. We know it will be difficult, but we are looking forward to the challenge.”


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