MLS Club To Explore Epic Reunion Of Messi And Ronaldo In America

MLS Club To Explore Epic Reunion Of Messi And Ronaldo In America

The MLS Club might see an Epic Reunion of Messi And Ronaldo In America.

Talking of Messi and Ronaldo lately have been very interesting, now Lionel Messi is the center of attention for the umpteenth time, as the world awaits the Argentine’s final decision on his club future.

Messi’s decision, which could be his final move in his career, could have repercussions for his main adversary, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Messi allegedly has three alternatives, with Inter Miami in the United States, Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, and Barcelona in Spain all interested in signing the World Cup winner.

The latter is currently hampered by pay cap limits, which may prevent them from guaranteeing the veteran’s registration to play.

The notion of joining Inter Miami has recently received unexpected traction.

According to Relevo journalist Toni Juanmarti, the MLS club is awaiting Messi’s decision on his future and is considering signing his generational rival, Ronaldo.

Following a January trade from Manchester United, the former Real Madrid player now plays for Al-Hilal’s rival club, Al-Nassr.

Gerard Romero, a Barcelona transfer analyst, later indicated that a move to Inter Miami had not been finalized, but that Messi will make his decision soon.

Ronaldo is getting fed up with Al-Nassr

Meanwhile, according to sources from El Nacional and Mundo Deportivo, Ronaldo is already tired of life in Saudi Arabia after finding it difficult to fit in with the locals.

These rumors have fueled speculation that the Portuguese forward would transfer to the MLS.

Since they have both dominated the game for a decade, Messi and Ronaldo have faced off in some of the greatest football matches in history.



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