Who are Mikey Williams Siblings, Skye and Marvin Williams?

Mikey Williams Siblings

Mikey Williams Siblings, Skye and Marvin WilliamsMichael Anthony who is popularly known as Mikey Williams was born on June 26, 2004, he is an American high school basketball player from San Diego, California, who attends San Ysidro High School.

He was a player for Vertical Academy, an extension of Lake Norman Christian High School, in North Carolina after originally attending and transferring from San Ysidro. He is a four-star recruit who has committed to play college basketball for the Memphis Tigers.

Williams first held a basketball when he was 11 months old and grew up playing under the guidance of his father and mother. In his childhood, he mainly played on an outdoor court in his apartment complex. In elementary school, Williams was often involved in fights with bullies.

He worked as a ball boy for San Ysidro High School head coach Terry Tucker, who said that “he couldn’t keep (Williams) out of the gym.” In sixth grade while playing with the San Diego Sharks, Williams had his first official game dunk at 12 years old (April 15, 2017). He went on to play for the Malcolm Thomas All-Stars travel team.

He received the Naismith National Youth All-American Report’s top player ranking for the 2023 class in the seventh and eighth grades.

Williams joined the North Coast Blue Chips Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) squad in the eighth grade. While playing with Bronny James, the NBA player LeBron James’ son, Williams became well-known. He participated in AAU competitions for the Compton Magic in 2019.

Mikey Williams Siblings, Skye and Marvin Williams?

He also has two siblings. His younger’s sister name is Skye Williams and younger’s brother’s name is Marvin Williams.

Source: www.xtratsports.com


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