Hiba Abouk’s unexpected setback in divorce with Achraf Hakimi

Hiba Abouk

Following news that a 24-year-old woman had complained about the Paris Saint-Germain full-back, Hiba Abouk’s divorce from Achraf Hakimi gained media attention.

The woman accused Hakimi of abusing her sexually while the well-known actress was gone with their kids.

Hiba Abouk won’t get a share of her ex-husband’s wealth.

According to the French publication First Mag, Hiba demanded half of Hakimi’s property and wealth; nevertheless, she was shocked to discover that he has nothing to his name.

Hakimi’s mother, who has been collecting his wages on her bank account for numerous years, is the true recipient of his income and fortune.

Although the story has generated some buzz in Spain, France, and Morocco, it is also widely known that Abouk has her own riches and does not need to rely on her ex-husband’s fortune to get by.

Source: www.xtratsports.com


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