Klopp to stay on as Liverpool manager

Klopp opens up on plans to stay on as Liverpool manager despite poor form

Klopp to stay on as Liverpool manager

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has opened up on his plans of staying on as manager of the club despite reports linking him away from the club.

Liverpool has been struggling for form since the start of the season and despite attempts to get their season on track, injuries have hampered the progress of Liverpool’s resurgence.

Klopp: “At Dortmund, it was clear when I left, I said ‘something has to change here’. Either the manager position changes or a lot of other things change.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m here, and if nobody tells me, I will not go. That means maybe there’s a point where we have to change other stuff.

“We will see that, that’s something for the future, like the summer or whatever, and not now.”

Liverpool faces Chelsea over the weekend and they will likely face the Blues without some key players as it has happened throughout the season.

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