Rinat Akhmetov opens up on having mixed feelings about Mudryk’s departure

Mudryk’s move to Chelsea leaves Rinat Akhmetov with mixed feelings

Rinat Akhmetov(Shakhtar president) has mixed feelings over Mudryk move to Chelsea

Shakhtar president Rinat Akhmetov was left with mixed feelings after Mykhaylo Mudryk’s move to Chelsea

Akhmetov told the club’s official website: “I have mixed feelings: in order to win European trophies, I should invite such footballers as Mudryk to our club, to our Ukrainian league and not send them to the best championships and the best clubs in the world.

“However, I am sure that Mykhaylo will win respect, sympathy and love of all connoisseurs of world football with his speed, his technique, his impressive and beautiful play.

“Mykhaylo Mudryk is a Shakhtar graduate. The player joined the Academy of the Miners in 2016 and debuted with the senior team in the autumn of 2018 at age 17. 

“Mudryk became the Ukrainian Super Cup winner (2021) together with the team. Fans recognised Mykhaylo Mudryk as Shakhtar Player of the Year twice (2021, 2022).

“FC Shakhtar thanks Mykhaylo for impressive play, good and important goals, and significant contribution to the team’s victories. We wish you success in the strongest league in the world, many trophies and personal awards, great career achievements and constant enjoyment of football.”

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