Potter: Managing Chelsea is the hardest job in football

Graham Potter admits managing Chelsea is difficult

Potter: Managing Chelsea is the hardest job in football
Graham Potter

Chelsea manager Graham Potter believes that managing Chelsea is the hardest job in football due to the change of ownership at the club and the expectations from fans.

The former Brighton and Hove Albion manager has been criticised by many to be a downgrade of former manager Thomas Tuchel as he is yet to find his feet at the club.

Graham Potter said: “Change is challenging in any organization. The change [of ownership] happened for events outside of us so it is not like there is some sort of coup gone on. This is what it is.

“We have to deal with the new now and we have to build things up again because things have changed, things have gone, people have left. That was part of the challenge to come [here].

“I understood that was going to be really difficult. I just thought from a leadership perspective, it is fascinating, challenging and stimulating, and ridiculously hard.

“I think this is probably the hardest job in football because of that leadership change and because of the expectations, and because of rightly where people see Chelsea. And obviously, I didn’t think we would lose 10 first-team players [to injury] as well.

“But that’s just where we’re at. All I can do is come to you guys, speak honestly, give you my perspective and then understand the criticism you’ll get because you lose, if you do.”

He added: “Ultimately, I am not after pity here. I am really grateful and privileged to be here. I look at how do you get through this tough period: be really grateful for it because it is an unbelievable challenge.

“Like, wow. What else could you be doing with your life? Worse. It is pain but then life can actually be pain.

“Life can really kick you in the nuts and then you have to recover from it, you have to deal with it, you have to move forward, you have to go again and that’s what makes life better when it turns to a good place.

“I feel like I have to take my responsibility and be grateful for the opportunity and the challenge I have.”

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