Fabio Carvalho opens up on Klopp’s trust

Fabio Carvalho on being trusted by Jurgen Klopp

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Portuguese youngster Fabio Carvalho joined Liverpool from Fulham during the summer and despite the galaxy of stars at Anfield, Carvalho has enjoyed a lot of game time.

Carvalho has his eyes set on a call up to into the Portuguese world cup team and has been working tirelessly towards it.

Speaking to the media, Carvalho had these to say:

“That’s something I felt because it was 0-0 and the manager obviously felt good and trusted in me to put me on.”

“Not just for the team but for myself, it’s something to build on and we’ll keep going. I’ve got to step up when needed – whether I start or come on. Regardless of what I do, I just need to be able to come on and produce. We’ll see what happens.”

“You want to come to Liverpool to play with the best and play on the biggest stage, which is what the game was the other day. But we’ll just keep building our momentum and keep going. We enjoyed the win because we deserved it.”

“So we kind of celebrated, as we should, every win’s important, especially this year in the Premier League. But we have to focus on West Ham because they’re a tough team to play against, so we’re just focused on that now.”

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