Graham Potter reveals Reece James will be out for 8 weeks

Graham Potter reveals the extent of James’s injury

Graham Potter reveals Reece James will be out for 8 weeks

Chelsea manager Graham Potter has raised doubts on Reece James’s participation in the world cup set to come on in Qatar.

Potter revealed that James will be forced to wear knee braces before thinking about making a return to training.

Despite positive results from the scan, James might likely be out of action for close to eight weeks.

“In terms of his involvement in the World Cup, I don’t know,” Potter admitted after Chelsea’s 2-0 victory over Aston Villa. “It will depend on how he recovers. He will give everything. I’m sure he will. But he is in a brace for four weeks and that slows everything down.

“[He] will be in a brace for four weeks. That’s all I know the next four weeks look like for him and that has implications in terms of what he needs to do to get fit from there but our job is just to help him in the short term now and get him back.”

Graham Potter was also unimpressed with questions relating to the FA’s reported frustration towards Chelsea for allowing James to remain in Milan for a further day in the aftermath of the injury.

“The boys had a couple of days free and – especially with the international players – it’s important to give them a break when you can and that’s the idea,” Potter said.

“Reece felt a bit of discomfort the following day, came home, and we got it assessed as quickly as we could. Nothing has got worse because of how we acted in those times. Now we have to support him and get him strong.”

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