Kane “must be sick” of watching Haaland score goals according to Ferdinand

Kane must regret not joining Man City according to Ferdinand

Kane "must be sick" of watching Haaland score goals according to Ferdinand

Tottenham and England striker Harry Kane must be sick of watching Erling Haaland break records at Man City according to Rio Ferdinand.

Haaland who joined City in the Summer has 20 goals in 13 appearances already this season and many believe that it could have easily been Harry Kane had he joined City.

Man City was rumoured to be interested in signing the Tottenham goalscorer only for them to be pushed away by Tottenham’s asking price.

“If I were City before Haaland came, I would have taken Kane,” Ferdinand said on the FIVE podcast on his YouTube channel. 

“Kane’s a goalscorer, he’s a killer, as cold as you get. In any era he scores goals. I think he would have been brilliant at Man City. 

“If I’m him, I’m absolutely puking up in my own mouth and trying not to swallow it when I’m watching Haaland now. I’m thinking that could have been me.”

“That was a moment for Harry Kane to go and say ‘what I’ve done at Tottenham can never be discredited, it’s my home, it’s my place of love’,” Ferdinand said. 

“No one would have been disgruntled if he went to City. It was there for the taking. I don’t know how it happened from all parties. He must be sick.

“If I’m Kane I’m sitting there going wild. I know he could end up with a trophy this year. 

“But sitting watching he’ll be like ‘look at what City are doing right now and Haaland is just eating people. I could have been the guy on the end of all those chances’.”

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