Haller eyes speedy recovery from Cancer

Haller says he can’t complain on his recovery from cancer

Haller eyes speedy recovery from Cancer

Ivorian International Sebastien Haller was diagnosed with cancer after he joined Bundesliga giants Borussia Dornmund.

Haller has been undergoing treatment with the hope of featuring for Dortmund this season.

Haller in an interview with UEFA said he can’t complain over his battle to recover from testicular cancer.

“I’m lucky enough to feel well,” he told UEFA’s official website. “I am physically able to work, I feel fine from both a mental and a physical point of view, which is of course helpful to fight this disease.

“I have a timescale in mind. If I’m lucky enough not to need surgery, things can go very quickly. Checks are made three weeks after the final phase.

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“If I don’t need an operation, with the way I train, I’d like to think that I will be in good condition at the end of those three weeks.

“One of the first things I told myself was: ‘OK, it’s happened to me. I am going to do everything to be good mentally and physically’.

“I was a spoiled child; I never had any worries. This is the first big ordeal I had to face.

“Some people start their lives like that. I was lucky that it came later in my life, so I can’t complain. It’s a challenge, a huge challenge, and the fact that you were able to overcome it means that you’re a warrior.”

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