Erik ten Hag encourages Man Utd players to face criticism

Erik ten Hag goes hard on Man Utd players

erik ten hag

Man Utd manager Erik ten Hag has warned his players that they are not far from criticism following their shambolic display during the Manchester derby.

Erik ten Hag’s team were wallopped 6-3 to Manchester City and they were no show according to many.

Hat-tricks from Phil Foden and Erling Haaland were enough to help Man City carry the day

“It’s an open door; this performance is unacceptable,” he said. “As a team and as individuals we will criticise each other tomorrow and then we will learn the lessons and we have to do better, starting the next game.”

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“I think it’s good that a team like City gives you the status where you are in this moment,” Ten Hag added. “It’s clear we did well against top teams like Liverpool and Arsenal, when we were disciplined and we followed the rules and principles, we had belief to play and we were on the front foot defending.

“Then you can bring a good performance and that can bring a result. When you don’t, when you are not on the front foot, when you are not brave to play, you get the result as today.”

Erik ten Hag added: “The plan was to show bravery and confidence but we didn’t from the first minute. For the first goal we won the ball and could have created a great chance but instead we gave it easily away and then it was like a pack of cards.

“I criticised them, I told them [in the dressing room]. I made mistakes as well because I didn’t get the message through. With this lack of confidence, we cannot win games. I don’t think this attitude is Manchester United, we can be much more brave.

“We didn’t follow the rules and principles of the way we play and when you do that you get hammered. This performance was unacceptable. There are never excuses in top football, we have to bring results.”

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