Lionel Messi says 2022 world cup will be his last

Lionel Messi to call it a quite after Qatar 2022

Lionel Messi says 2022 world cup will be his last

Argentine football legend Lionel Messi has confirmed that the upcoming tournament will be his final World Cup.

Lionel Messi who is now 35 is yet to lay his hand on the world cup trophy, falling short to Germany in 2014.

Lionel Messi made his world cup debut in the Germany 2006 world cup.

“Yes, surely yes, surely yes,” he told Star+ when asked if Qatar will be his last.

“I’m counting down the days until the World Cup. “The truth is, there’s a little anxiety, saying: ‘Well, we’re here, what’s going to happen? It’s my last one, how’s it going to go?’. On one hand, I can’t wait for it to arrive but I’m also desperate for it to go well.”

Lionel Messi say NO when he was asked if Argentina are among the favourites to win the world cup.

“We’re at a very good moment, with a very strong group, but anything can happen at a World Cup,” he explained. “All the matches are difficult, that is what makes a World Cup so special because the favourites are not always the ones who end up winning or even doing as well as you expect.

“I don’t know if we are the favourites, but Argentina in itself is always a candidate for history, for what it means. We are not the favourites, I think there are other teams that are above us.”

“I feel good physically. I could have a very good pre-season this year that I didn’t manage the year before because of how everything went,” he said.

“I started training late, playing without rhythm as the league has already started, and then I went to the national team. When I came back, I had an injury and I never finished starting.”

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