Klopp admits to being a fan of Martin Odegaard

Klopp on Martin Odegaard – “I really like him”

Klopp admits to being a fan of Martin Odegaard

Liverpool takes on Arsenal over the weekend and Klopp in an interview admits to being a high fan of Arsenal’s captain Martin Odegaard.

Liverpool has been struggling for form this year and they lie ninth with just 10 points on the league log.

Liverpool will be looking forward to putting on a good show and also getting the win against the league leaders.

“I really like him [Odegaard]. It’s easy these days. It was a bit more difficult at the start of his career when he was at Real Madrid. Then it looked like it might not go his way.” [liverpool echo]

Klopp: “I was really disappointed by that, because we wanted him in Dortmund when he was very young.”

Klopp: “It is very, very impressive. You can only imagine how many talents, huge talents, crazy talents, I have seen over the course of quite a while in this industry. At the time, Martin was 15 years old and already playing in Norway. The whole world went berserk.”

Klopp: “Until he was 15, he probably experienced no hardship. After that, a lot of things went against him. It makes him the person he is now, the man he is now, and the player he is now.”

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