Guardiola insists Man City will be okay without him

Guardiola says Man City will still be the same even without him

Guardiola insists Man City will be okay without him

Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of the derby against Manchester United on Sunday, the City boss said he is just focused on his immediate duties, but did say he has no concerns about the club’s prospects even when he does finally depart.

“I would say my future is lunchtime because I’m starving. I didn’t have breakfast,” Guardiola initially joked.

“When I started to be a manager I think ‘next month, next week’ but for years [now] I think ‘what a waste of energy’ thinking what’s going to happen next season.

“I want to enjoy the preparation for United, be part of another derby, try to beat them… three days later we have another Champions League game, we prepare for that one, this is my job.

“The moment happens with the club [when] we are going to decide but as I said in the press conference, if I stay here, perfect, if I don’t stay here, the club will be perfect too because I know how strong they are and how good [their decisions are].”

The former Barcelona head coach said he was happy to see people like Ten Hag and new Brighton and Hove Albion boss Roberto De Zerbi in the Premier League as he is a fan of their approaches.

“[When Ten Hag was at Ajax] what he has done speaks for itself,” he said. “Of course, Ajax always demand so I think this approach, positivity… honestly I’m so happy that he’s here in England.

“I like it when, for example, Roberto De Zerbi is now in Brighton, I like managers that have this spirit to be positive and it doesn’t matter [who] the opponent [is], if you are stronger or weaker, ‘I go and try to do my game’. says Guardiola

“When you have two teams, both have to adjust a little bit to the other one in a way, but [when you] say to your players ‘be ourselves to do it’, the football game is always nice.”

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