Ronald Araujo defends decision to undergo surgery

Ronald Araujo to miss the world cup

Ronald Araujo defends decision to undergo surgery

Uruguayan defender Ronald Araujo has defended his decision to undergo surgery on his thigh following criticism from Uruguayan fans.

The surgery requires that he stays on the sidelines for three months. Araujo will then miss the world cup in that same period.

Addressing the criticism on Twitter, Araujo stated: “I want to make clear the reasons for which I took my decision, in order to avoid speculation.

“I love my country and I love my national team.

“After consulting the matter with various professionals, we decided that the best thing for it is a surgical intervention. Here it is not about choosing one option or another, it is about health and returning to 100% as soon as possible.

“On a personal level these are difficult moments and I would like to take the chance to thank everyone for the support I was receiving. With faith and hard work I will give the best of myself to return as quickly as possible. A hug and blessings!”

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