Bruno Fernandes admits fears from previous seasons haunted them

Bruno Fernandes talks about Man Utd’s early season success

Bruno Fernandes admits fears from previous seasons haunted them

Bruno Fernandes in an interview admits that fear of poor previous seasons haunted him and his teammates.

Manchester United had a slow start to the 2022-23 season as they were beaten 4-0 by Brentford.

Victory over fierce rivals Liverpool seemed to have turned things around for the Red Devils as they’ve looked unstoppable since then.

Bruno admitted that there were fears in the early weeks when things were not going well for them.

“You could feel it between us, between the fans, in the atmosphere, that it was like getting back to the past,” he told The Athletic.

“Everyone felt that the confidence was low again. Everyone was a little — not afraid — but not feeling the best to take the ball. I felt sometimes like it was the ghosts from the past.

“Then Brentford was even worse. We conceded a goal from nothing and all of a sudden you could see the energy of the team was low, the confidence was low.”

He added: “Confidence in football is not everything but almost everything. When you have the confidence of your team-mates, your coach, the fans, it is really important because sometimes on the pitch, when you miss a pass and everyone is… You can feel it in that moment.

“But when you miss a pass and react quickly, you see the fans appreciate it, so for us, it is about having the confidence that we are capable of doing something.

“When I talk about the ghosts of the past, I mean that we felt in the past that every time we miss a pass or something, we were letting someone down, so you start missing more. Instead, you must think, ‘I have to try’.”

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