Paul Pogba accused again by his brother

Paul Pogba’s brother makes further allegations, accuses Juve star of plotting murder

Paul Pogba accused again by his brother

Paul Pogba’s big brother, Mathias, has released another collection of videos on social media in which he further allegations are made against the Juventus star

The videos were released on Social Media, though Mathias is in police custody.

Paul’s brother was charged and put under investigation last week for attempting to extort €13m from him.

In the latest allegations, the big brother said the France international betrayed an organised crime syndicate, resulting in his family being targeted.

“The second subject is my brother’s collusion with organised crime,” Mathias claimed.” A lot of people will be shocked, struggle to understand it, but it is the truth.

“And that is why our family and those close to us are in danger today, because know, as he admitted in his documentary, my brother has always had criminals and delinquents in his entourage, and he still has today.

“If it was just about friendship, that would be fine, the problem is that he has used those relationships and their name, in part to protect him in the streets, but also to do business with them, with the aim of getting these criminals to do things for him. That they shed blood for him.”

He added: “I was not aware of the extent of this until this affair, up until my brother betrayed his henchmen without warning anyone, abandoning my sister, my mother and me. Allowing for his family and those close to him to become a target of these bandits. From of those close to us, have already been attacked and shot at because of him. And the only reason that they did not go to the authorities was because of fear of retaliation. There is no way to protect us all like my brother did for himself.”

Mathias also claimed his brother Paul Pogba used the witch-doctor he was recommended to by former PSG star and Ivory Coast captain Serge Aurier, and accused the Juve star’s new agent Rafaela Pimenta and his former representative Mino Raiola for manipulating his younger brother.

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