Perry Groves give his honest opinion on Trent Alexander-Arnold

Perry Groves thinks Trent does not want to defend

Perry Groves give his honest opinion on Trent Alexander-Arnold

Perry Groves has given his honest assessment of Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold saying his level has drop.

Trent who in recent games has not performed up to his standard is believed to be part of the reasons why Liverpool is struggling to get results in games this season.

Trent has been given a call-up to the English National team as part of their preparation for this year’s FIFA world cup in Qatar.

The enterprising right-back will be looking forward to regaining form ahead of the world cup to be a starter for the Three Lions.

Perry Groves on Trent Alexander-Arnold:

“There’s probably only three players at Liverpool who are playing at the level they should be, and he’s [Trent Alexander-Arnold] one that’s dropped off. It was always going to be his defensive qualities.”

Groves: “Earlier on in tournaments [you can play him] where you have most of the ball but in the latter stages, hopefully into the quarter and semi-finals, he’s not going to play because you can’t trust him defensively.”

Groves: “We’ve been talking about this for two or three years, and he still hasn’t improved defensively. You have all these coaches, throw-in coaches, set-piece coaches, surely they must be working with Alexander-Arnold on one vs one?”

Groves: “I’d send Lee Dixon up there for two days, and he’d get his positional play sorted out. Is it because he doesn’t think like a defensive full-back, he doesn’t want to defend? It doesn’t seem like he’s able to sniff danger out at all.”

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