Neuer: Bayern got lucky against Lewandowski

Manuel Neuer believes Bayern Munich got lucky against Lewandowski

Neuer: Bayern got lucky against Lewandowski

Manuel Neuer denied Lewandowski from scoring as the former Bayern Munich goalscoring machine was on the losing end on his return to the Allianz Arena as Bayern beat Barcelona by 2 goals to nil.

Neuer was in splendid form as he denied Lewandowski from getting a goal on his return.

Neuer feels Bayern Munich were lucky not to have conceded a goal as Lewandowski kept knocking on the door.

“I think it was an emotional game for Lewy because he was very successful here in Munich. But we also know him as an opponent. Luck was not on his side in crucial moments,” he told reporters.

“We’re lucky that he sent that volley over the bar and I was there in the second chance. We showed a good defensive performance today.”

Bayer manager Julian Nagelsmann also thought Lewandowski performed well despite failing to find the back of the net.

“I think he played a good game, I’m happy from our perspective that he didn’t score. We saw that he was dangerous, we were able to defend him very well,” he said.

“I saw him after the game and hugged him but he plays for a different club now, I have a lot of players I have to look out for.

“This week, I probably had 60 questions on Lewandowski, you can pose those questions to Xavi because he’s not my player anymore.”

Barcelona head coach Xavi also believes Lewandowski did not get overwhelmed by the occasion, stating: “I don’t think he could have been pressured, with his maturity and experience. 

“It is a lack of effectiveness. It’s football and this happens. And it happens in the stadium where it couldn’t happen.”

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