Eriksen reveals there have been some big differences in the Man Utd dressing room

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Christian Eriksen talks about secret behind Man Utd’s amazing run

Christian Eriksen who was voted the man of the match in Man Utd’s home match against Arsenal reveals that there has been huge difference in the dressing room compared to the first two matches.

Man Utd have won four consecutive matches for the first time since April 2021 after beating Arsenal 3-1 on Sunday.

Goals from Rashford and new signing Anthony were enough for the Reds to sweep the Gunners aside.

“There’s a big difference compared to the first two games, that is true.

“But also I think the whole set-up with the new manager coming in, me being new obviously, a lot of players coming in lateā€¦ we’re getting used to everyone” said Eriksen

“I think you can feel it now, it’s going to be more comfortable, being with the lads, and it’s a really nice group. Everyone wants to do their best and compete.

“The quality we have with the players up front, anyone can pass, anyone can score. It’s lovely to play behind; if it’s a good pass, it’s going to be finished.

“It was a fun football game, a lot of things were happening at both ends but I think with the result, it was a lovely afternoon.”

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