Paul Pogba accused of witchcraft

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World Cup Winning Paul Pobga Accused Of Bewitching Teammates

World Cup-winning and former English Premier League (EPL) star Paul Pogba has been accused of bewitching teammate Kylian Mbappe.

The ex-Manchester flamboyant midfielder, whose roots trace back to Africa, Guinea, is being dragged by his blood brother Mathias on social media for allegedly using ‘juju’ to injure his precocious teammate, Mbappe.

Tattling Mathias, who played for Wrexham, Crewe and Crawley Town, insinuated that his brother Pogba acquired the services of a Muslim teacher to injure the fast-raising Paris Saint Germain forward ahead of the World Cup competition slated for November.

Taking his bitterness to Twitter, Mathias wrote:

“It’s not about money: You implicated me in spite of myself, I almost died because of you, you left me in the hole while fleeing, and you want to play the innocent; when everything is said, people will see that there is no more coward, more traitor and more hypocrite than you on this earth.”

“Kylian, now do you understand? I have nothing negative against you; my words are for your good, everything is true and proven, and the marabou is known! Sorry to this brother, a so-called Muslim deep in witchcraft. It’s never good to have a hypocrite and a traitor near you!”

Why Mathias And Paul Are ‘Fighting’?

Early this week, Paul Pogba alleged that his brother and the mafia threatened him with rifles in an extortion scandal, demanding millions of dollars.

According to various reports, it is alleged that Mathias colluded with other unnamed gang members to extort the former Manchester United midfielder demanding £11m as a ‘protection services’ fee.

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