Mourinho will be expecting Paulo Dybala to make a huge impact in Qatar

Mourinho will be expecting Paulo Dybala to make a huge impact in Qatar

Mourinho expecting big things from Dybala

Paulo Dybala joined Mourinho’s AS Roma as a free agent from Juventus in the summer window. Dybala whose injury has always been hit with injuries got his 100th Serie A goal against Monza on Tuesday.

Mourinho who has been ensuring that the Argentine stays fit says he expects Dybala to have a great world cup in Qatar.

“In the other games, he couldn’t quite pull off the things he wanted to at times, but he never showed the wrong attitude,” Mourinho said of Dybala after the Monza game. “Great.

“For me, there can be times when a talented player helps his side but he’s also a bit isolated from it.

“But with us, Paulo is a great talent who also plays for and with the team. Right now, when it comes to the defensive side of the game, he’s doing a great job for us – and that’s not something that he was born to do.

“When he came off today, he said to me: ‘Boss, if I carried on I would have got my third.’ I told him: ‘Get it against Udinese instead!’

“It’s important to manage him a bit, because he has had a bit of bad luck with injuries in the past and he did not play a huge amount last season. Right now, his levels are improving.

“For us, he’s great, and I can already see what is going to happen in Qatar. Maybe the Argentina coach should offer us a bottle of wine.”

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