Thomas Tuchel sends a wake-up call to all Chelsea players after losing to Southampton

Thomas Tuchel sends a wake-up call to all Chelsea players after losing to Southampton

Chelsea fall short at Southampton as Thomas Tuchel demands more from players

After a win at the bridge over the weekend, Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea we’re confident of getting at least a point at The Saint Mary’s Park.

Raheem Sterling who scored twice for the Blues against Leicester on Saturday was on the scoresheet in the 23rd minute only for his goal to be cancelled by Romeo Lavia.

The Saints got their second goal through Adam Armstrong on the verge of halftime.

Thomas Tuchel after the loss had these to say to the media;

“I don’t know if concerned is the word, I absolutely dislike to lose and it’s the second time in the season, very early,” he told BT Sport.

“I think it does not take a lot to beat us. This is what I don’t like. We are humble enough to understand that we can lose matches and of course, away matches.

“We don’t like it and we try to win every match but the way we do this is something we need to understand as fast as possible and to change.

“It’s difficult, I don’t know why, we start well in all the games almost, and obviously we struggle with our focus and consistency in matches.

“It’s not enough to play 20 minutes good, we did the same in Leeds. Then one thing goes against us, and we struggle to find answers and fight our way back if things don’t go in our direction.”

Thomas Tuchel emphasised on the need for his defence to rediscover their form.

“It is what it is and it’s the reality. We played with four offensive players now many, many times,” Thomas Tuchel said.

“I think in the first 20 minutes we created chances, half-chances but we struggled to score, which is also not brand new for us and does not necessarily need to have the consequence that you lose matches.

“You can also win 1-0 or 2-0 with a late goal, so no problem. But then you need to have a clean sheet, you need to be more focused. 

“The amount of individual errors, the lack of concentration is simply too high at the moment to win football matches consistently. We can win, of course, but it’s not consistent enough.”

Tuchel voicing his frustration with the injury woes at Chelsea had these to say: “It’s a hamstring injury, so the next midfielder is out and nobody is left.

“The recommendation for Mateo Kovacic was 20 minutes, we made 45 out of it. That’s the situation.

“I also don’t understand why we are in this situation regarding the injuries, and the injuries like all players in midfield. But that’s the way it is, and we need to find solutions.”

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