For These Five Reasons Arsenal Supporters Should Trust Mikel Arteta and Edu

Trust Mikel Arteta and Edu

Trust Mikel Arteta and Edu

Edu, the technical director of Arsenal, met with the media while the team was on tour in the United States to offer some much-appreciated insight into the ongoing project in north London, some of the difficulties he has encountered since taking on his current position, his own hiring procedure, and more.

Since taking the position in the summer of 2019, the Brazilian, who won the Premier League twice with the Gunners during his playing career, has come under heavy fire. The club’s supporters are beginning to think they’re on the verge of regaining their standing as one of England’s best, though, considering the improvements that have been evident on the field over the past 18 months or so.

Below are 5 key reasons why think Arsenal supporters should trust Arteta and Edu;

1. Their connection with the fans is finally back

Prior to last season, upon visiting Emirates Stadium, there was a sense that the fans’ outlook had started to become a little jaded due to the lackluster performances and the ensuing difficulty to find a way forward.

Arsenal supporters

Despite occasional social media commotion after losses, you only needed to spend one afternoon at the Gunners’ stadium last season to sense the connection between the supporters and this up-and-coming team. There were continual cries of “We’ve got Super Mik Arteta,” and despite the unfortunate outcome of the campaign, the crowd’s enthusiasm never wavered.

2. Arsenal Is Finally Getting Their Results On The Up

Contrary to popular belief, the Gunners were significantly better in the second half of the 2020–21 season as well. There is a frequent fallacy that Arsenal’s on-field improvement started a month into the previous game.

This isn’t just a foregone conclusion for the club because their improvement has been consistent for more than 18 months. The team’s consistency levels are still not where they could be, and occasionally a lack of depth has hurt them, but after two consecutive eighth-place finishes, finishing fifth and narrowly missing Champions League qualification shows a positive change.

3. Their Signings Has Been Far Better Than Before

The past two summers have seen significant spending by Arsenal, but more importantly, it has been well-spent money.

Recruiting now takes a much more comprehensive approach, which, as Edu hinted in a recent interview, entails using data and in-depth analysis to pinpoint how a player will fit into the team while also getting to know the player, their agent, and their family to reduce the possibility of signing disruptive characters.

4. They Have developed Playing Style

‘Arteta-ball’ has now arrived, though it hasn’t always been easy to see and the truth is that it took a lot of recruitment to get there.

The Gunners have been able to exert significantly more influence over football games thanks to their high-intensity style of play that emphasizes relentless pressing. When you look at the summer additions the team has made so far, it is clear that Arteta considers mobility and versatility as two of the primary qualities he appreciates most.

5. Now There Is A Clear Plan

Despite the panic that followed the Gunners’ unsettling start to the 2021/22 season, those inside the club’s London Colney training facility maintained their composure. Edu publicly urged the fans to be patient and hold off on making decisions about the team until they had something resembling their best XI available.

Whatever your opinion of Arsenal’s tactics, it is obvious that they are following a plan that the manager and his technical director developed together.


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