Atletico Madrid supporters launch a social media campaign against the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

A social media campaign has been launched by Atletico Madrid supporters to express their collective outrage at the team’s alleged interest in signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

After only one season at Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to quit Manchester United this summer. While clubs like Chelsea and Bayern Munich had looked into offers for him, they are no longer interested in a prospective transfer.

According to reports in Spain, Atletico Madrid is reportedly interested in signing Ronaldo and is prepared to part with Antoine Griezmann in order to make room on their payroll.

This hasn’t gone over well with some Atletico supporters, who are adamant that the team shouldn’t sign a player whose legacy is closely associated with rivals Real Madrid.

Supporters of Atletico Madrid are using the hashtag “#ContraCR7,” which means “against CR7,” to express their opinions. The hashtag became popular over the weekend in Spain.

In his lengthy and impressive career, Ronaldo has faced Atletico Madrid 37 times, defeating Los Rojiblancos 17 times. This makes Atletico his most frequent opponent.

Only Sevilla has been the target of more of his attacks with 25 goals against them, and he was a key contributor to Real Madrid’s victories against their local rivals in the 2014 and 2016 Champions League finals.

But in their most recent meeting, Atletico triumphed over Ronaldo, eliminating Manchester United from the Champions League in the round of 16.


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